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Article: The Print Button-Down Shirt

The Print Button-Down Shirt - MY SEXY STYLES

The Print Button-Down Shirt

Revamp your closet—Here are different ways to wear the Mary Long Sleeve Button-down shirt this season.

If you plan on revamping your fashion closet this season, we have got your back!

They say if you look good, you feel good. An essential part of looking good is to wear good. Experts suggest that you should always pick a style and experiment with it. Create and rediscover your mantra and show it in your outfits. Not to forget, your taste in clothes says a lot about you and your personality, and the outlook has a lot to do in decisions you make and the opportunities you land on.

However, have you found yourself complaining that you have “nothing to wear”? We are sure you have. The truth is, we all have faced the same problem. Your closet might be hoarded with tons of shirts, blouses and other staple items. But what if you had a place to get styling options?

My Sexy Styles with Jainmy Martinez gives you a wide variety of fashion looks with the convenience of getting inspiration and purchasing outfits with a click. Check out our blog and feel for yourself the fresh breeze of fashion season this year.

Our blog has a variety of options to choose from. From modish dresses to comfortable jumpsuits, chic tops, and bottoms to pair, your favorite tops. We also offer periodic sales to make your time worthwhile.

My Sexy Styles helps you build a streamlined collection of everyday wear items you need in your closet without putting hours to think. If you are not sure exactly where and how to start when it comes to organizing and experimenting with items that you own, button-down shirt might be good place to take a safe start.

Adding a multipurpose outfit item like our Mary long sleeve button-down shirt to your closet might also be a good idea this season. Button-down shirts never go out of style and are very diverse. Our Mary long sleeve button-down shirt is an all-season option for formal wear, business casual, and even dinner themes. Wear it as you want it! It is that easy.

The truth is, that owning a button-down shirt is only worth it if you can rock it! It is important to wear and style it with suitable bottoms. An ideal outfit is going to be easy to wear, comfy, and stylish at the same time. Button-down shirts like our Mary piece are also good at giving your outfit a neat and slick look, but the rule of thumb is to know what to wear with it and how to wear it.

Non-stretch fabric gives you precise sizing options and room to play with styles. It is soft and easy to carry for all moods and seasons. Pair it with a pencil skirt for formal wear to work. You could also pair it with straight pants for business casual outfit that is comfortable but stylish. Fold back the long sleeves for more casual look and wear shorts. In addition, it works for all.

The button-down shirt also has an assorted color palette that gives you options to match and contrast a variety of colors to wear together. Luckily, long sleeves are super trendy this season, and if you want to experiment with the looks, this shirt is definitely the way to go.

In terms of styling, there are different ways to play around the button-down shirt. First and foremost, is the straight styling with shirt on bottom, no creases or tucks. It is pretty basic and a good last-minute option if you are running late. Second can be wearing it tucked in with a nice straight pair of pants or skinny jeans. It is up to you how you find your comfort and in which items. Semi-tuck is another option, if you are assembling it with a pencil skirt.

It could also be used in different weathers. Polyester is good for all weather types but make sure that you pick the right size. To give it a formal or business look, try pairing it with a blazer on top. It would give a sleek look and professional tone to the overall outfit. The shirt itself is a diverse piece and can be worn in a variety of events and places.

Shirt features a V-neckline and full-length cuffed sleeves that give this piece a modern, yet classic look. Model is wearing a large in the photo. The fabric is 100% polyester. As for My Sexy Styles by Jenmy Martinez, the brand has established itself over the course of time with its unique and sexy styling options for you. Prices are also to die for, and guess what? Shipping is absolutely free worldwide if you spend $75 or above.

Check out our online store for more options!

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