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Hello Beautiful Ladies!

Jainmy Martínez here. First of all, I want to express how TRULY thankful I am to you guys for being so supportive with me and my company for 12 years! And I say this from the deepest in me. Many of you don't know my story but when I started My Sexy Styles I was literally homeless with my then 12 year old daughter in Los Angeles... yes, with that pretty girl you see sharing the homepage with me, who is now 24 years old. Sound crazy huh? Well there's a lot more to my story and part of the new changes here, are to share my mission with My Sexy Styles with you and have an open community where we can push and empower each other. Because of this company I've been able to meet some amazing women that I feel Blessed to call my sisters. 

You might think this is just another online store that some girl started just to make a living, but the truth is that I started My Sexy Styles because I struggled for many years finding styles that helped me feel sexy yet classy. I hated to go to the stores (still do) and cried so many times because the clothing was just not flattering for a real woman like me, with kids, who has curves and I just ended up wearing the same clothes over and over again, or settling to literally feeling ugly with clothes that were just not me at all because I had to wear something.

I know you can just go to any other website and shop similar clothes, but the big difference between them and me, is that all of the stores out there (and I know this because I have to constantly look at my competition) either the owners and models are skinny or have surgeries head to toe, or they just sell what's going to make them money, or the clothes look way more trashy than classy and they just don't care if it's going to make you feel confident and beautiful... also, many of these store owners are men, so what the hell do they know about what's going to help us feel beautiful?

All of the factories I buy from or manufacture with, KNOW that I'm extremely picky and they know me personally and know that I have a big mouth, so you're in good hands ;-) 

Things are never perfect anywhere, which is why I've listened to your concerns and suggestions and now all these new changes are now LIVE!

So what are these new huge changes?

  • I dropped ALL of the regular priced items. There's no more need to use a discount code anymore unless there's a sale, which means, the discount is already applied to all of our styles and we'll only run major sales on major holidays.
  • The return / exchange process is better than ever. Now when you send your items back for returns, you'll get a gift card that you'll be able to use combined with a discount code.
  • Better browsing shopping experience with more detailed menu.
  • Rewards program. Now you can not only be proud to show off Your Sexy Styles with the world, but you can earn money to continue shopping with us by referring friends or sharing it on social media.
  • Shoppable Instagram. Now you can shop our social media posts directly without the hassle of searching for them on the website.
  • I've added to our team, Milton Cruz, he's the baddest Celebrity Stylist I've known in all my life. He worked for years with Celebs Daddy Yankee, Zoe Saldana and many more, and now we'll offer a styling service / personal shopper FREE of charge to you. We'll share more details on video this month, so stay tuned with our SMS, Email marketing and Social Media.
  • We'll have our own Reality Show in our social media platforms. This show consists of a huge giveaway valued at $5,000 which will include: 
  1. Plane ticket to and from West Palm Beach, Florida.
  2. Transportation.
  3. Hotel stay at the Luxurious Boutique Hotel The Ben located in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida.
  4. Hair Makeover with Carlos DiCarlos from Keratin Xperts in Delray Beach Florida.
  5. Spa massage.
  6. Various outfits from My Sexy Styles.
  7. Personal Styling by Milton Cruz.
  8. Professional Photoshoot with your new look.
  9. Fancy dinner at Spruzzo Rooftop Restaurant.

How to participate? You must submit a short form, where you'll write a short paragraph as to why, you or someone you know, needs a makeover and major pampering for 2 days. Maybe they're going through a rough emotional time like a divorce or some kind of loss, or they can't afford any of the treats of the giveaway or they just really need a confidence boost. We'll pick a lucky winner once a month and treat her like royalty!

So there it is! So, tell me what you think? Share your thoughts about these changes and let me know what else you'd like me to write. Write here below and I'll read all of you! 

Love You All! 



Jainmy Martinez

CEO My Sexy Styles



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