Rocking The Boyfriend Denim Shirt

Jainmy MartinezA versatile wardrobe piece that can go from day-to-night in a pinch, The Denim Boyfriend Shirt is a must-have that can look great with almost any outfit! Here are a few simple tips to get you started styling…

What’s the Skinny?

Since a boyfriend shirt is baggy on top, go opposite with your bottom. Pair with a slim-fitting legging, tight or skinny jeans to create contrast in your look.

The boyfriend shirt can make a sweet top-layer over a sundress or cocktail dress. Wear it open, or tie the shirttails around your waist nineties-style to give your look some definition.

Worn closed over jeans, the boyfriend shirt can be beautiful, blousy, and flauntingly feminine. But make sure you belt it around your waist so as not to lose those dangerous curves of yours!

When in doubt; play to style in your boyfriend shirt!

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