Trendy, Classy, Sexy Sassy A-line Skirt!

The A-line skirt is a classic that has made appearances in every fashionista's closets at one point or another. This season, the shape is back in new, fun ways.

Fashion trends come and go but some are truly enduring. Since designer Christian Dior introduced the term “A-line” with his Spring 1955 collection, the design has come a long, long way. While his original A-line skirt captured the A-shape from shoulder to hem and with a flared jacket on top, it was another designer, Yves Saint Laurent, whose “trapeze line” of dresses paved the way for the more modern style on skirts with small waists that flare out fully at the hem. But before the 1950s – even back in the Edwardian era in Britain – flared skirts were already common.
Today, A-line skirts are still highly popular, despite the advent of the mini, midi and maxi skirts, and YesStyle’s youthful, trend-savvy customers are the newest generation of women who have fallen in love with the A-line skirt. In whatever fabric, length, pattern or cut reimagined by numerous designers over the decades, it’s still a staple in every season and every collection. An A-line skirt is the ideal garment for transitioning from adolescence to womanhood regardless of body shape or size, thus making it both forgiving and flattering!




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