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Article: Why Jumpsuits Are So Hot Right Now!

Why Jumpsuits Are So Hot Right Now! - MY SEXY STYLES

Why Jumpsuits Are So Hot Right Now!

With 2015’s trend towards 70’s fashions, it’s no surprise to see one key 70’s trend making a major comeback: the Jumpsuit. First invented in 1919 by designer Florentine Thayat, whose goal was to create a subversive and futuristic fashion piece, jumpsuits have long been seen as quirky, unusual, and frankly a little rebellious. It’s like saying, Ok, I’ll come to your fancy ball, but I’m going to wear pants. And not only that, but I’ll wear them so well and be so comfortable, you’ll want to shed that straitjacket corset dress and come join me!

 Some important things to look for in your perfect jumpsuit are:



 1. Length. A wide-leg jumpsuit can be incredibly elongating, but only if it’s the right length! Choose one as long as you can, but NOT touching the ground. You don’t want to ruin it, or hide your shoes completely! If it’s a fitted jumpsuit, go for ankle length to show off your shoes, or longer if you want a little “scrunch” right above the shoes.



2. Fit. Look for a jumpsuit for your body type! One that’s fitted through the hips, booty, and legs but has more volume up top is great for “pear” bodies. An hourglass body type can pull off either style. For all body types, play with proportions on sleeve length, neckline, and where the waist hits for the perfect fit.

3. Color. When in doubt, go with solid color. If this is your first time in a jumpsuit, get black. Once you’re more comfortable with the style, amp it up with florals, patterns, and bolder prints!


4. Go short for summer. Rompers are the summertime version of the jumpsuit, and are HUGE right now in major fashion hubs! They’re super cute for daytime, but a romper can also be very elegant for a night out on the town. Add a necklace and sandals, and you’re done!

 5. Check your booty! A jumpsuit with a high rise can lead to the dreaded “mom butt” if you’re not careful! Check the mirror, and make sure the jumpsuit doesn’t make your posterior look longer and flatter than it really is.


 Layer, layer, layer. Think of your jumpsuit as a version of the LBD (Little Black Dress) every woman should have in her closet. It’s a basic piece that you decorate, to fit your style, your body, and whatever event you’re wearing it to!


Have fun! You’re going to feel a little subversive in your jumpsuit, but if it fits well, you’ll also feel very elegant and chic. Be confident! Rock it! And when those ladies in the tight, fussy dresses are staring you down, just smile and give them a happy wink!









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